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Team News.

Team News

8 months ago @ 9:29AM

11/2/19 - MSHSAA Sectionals

WE QUALIFIED FOR STATE AS A TEAM!!  I am so proud of these boys making it a goal to get back to state to redeem our perfect 10 years streak last season - 10 out of 11 years is pretty amazing!!  I am excited for us to go after working to achieve our full goal of being a top 10 team at state!  See you Saturday at the new Gans Creek State course!  For now, celebrations from sectionals are below:


Charlie Teeter 16:06 2nd
Brett Krueger 17:05 19th
Jack Parker 17:07 21st
Ray Wetzel-M. 17:26 35th
Patrick Lee 17:33 38th
Evan Schneider 18:43 61st
Emerson Lack 19:08 63rd

The weather was near perfect, holding in the mid-40s with the sun shining and very little wind.  The course is hilly and has a narrow start, so we knew where we had to be in position and where we could make our moves.  SLUH and Kirkwood were pretty far ahead of us as a team, so we knew there were four teams fighting for the last two qualifier spots.  We had beaten all of the all season (except Lindbergh, who narrowly beat us in the mud fest District meet last week).  We were confident if we raced like we knew we could, we would qualify in 3rd place.

The race opened perfectly, with our top three charging to the front pack and the next three fighting for places around 40th.  We charged up and down the early hills are were looking strong at the 1000m mark.  Lindbergh was falling back and Jackson didn't have a good coverage of our guys.  We were knotted up with Ladue and I made sure to have the guys focus on beating every single blue/black jersey.  Charlie worked well to get out in front of the SLUH guys and turn it into a slug fest with AJ from Kirkwood - he narrowly lost to him but ran an amazing race and has tons of confidence going into State.  Brett and Jack ensured our top 3 put large points on Ladue, and Ray and Patrick sprinted home and improved several spots on the final track 300m finish, securing our 3rd place finish and a 5 point victory over 4th place Ladue.  



Carson Smith 18:04
Nick Yusen 18:45
Corvin Haake 18:46

We wanted to run 6 guys today, but they were firm on only allowing 3 alternate runners.  As a result, I decided to allow the top 3 guys to race at a chance to shuffle the alternate line up and/or make it only the State racing team.  The three guys racing did not disappoint, as Corvin used his experience to lead them out, with Carson and Nick sticking together around the 1000m mark,  At the hill approaching the mile mark, Carson continued to surge ahead and take advantage of weak hill runners.  He never looked back, just barely missing breaking 18 minutes and demonstrating how strong he is becoming again.  Nick held on strong and pulled Corvin to a strong finish on a tough course, securing their mental strength and alternate spots for state!


Team News

8 months ago @ 3:38PM

10/26/19 - MSHSAA Districts

Districts is the first in the state series where only the top 4 and the top 30 qualify for the next round.  We came into the meet ready to race hard against SLUH and see where we stood.  We lost Andrew to injury and moved Patrick up, and had great workouts all week. The weather prevented any chance at good times, but proved to be a strategic race and a guts race.  We were able to fight through the conditions and our injuries and make it through - Congratulations to the guys on qualifying for sectionals in 3rd place!


Charlie Teeter 17:32 6th
Brett Krueger 17:57 12th
Jack Parker 18:15 21st
Evan Schneider 18:16 22nd
Ray Wetzel-M. 18:32 27th
Patrick Lee 18:33 28th
Corvin Haake 19:26 40th

The course was literally submerged and going to be tough going through pond after pond (and deep, deep mud).  We were being pounded by torrential rain in the cold from our arrival and knew we were going to just need to survive and get through to next week.  Evan surged out and we looked to be in decent position as a team, but we quickly separated our 1-3 from the rest (something we need to tighten up for next race).  The guys fought hard, held by Charlie holding on in the top 10, Brett running strong the whole way, and Jack surging in the second half.  We did lose to Lindbergh (who we have beaten all year), so we have to be better next week to get to state, but we did indeed make it through - congratulations boys!  We had 6 of the 7 guys medal in the top 30 - Charlie 6th, Brett 12th, Jack 21st, Evan 22nd, Ray 27th, and Patrick 28th.  On to Sectionals!!


Emerson Lack 19:10
Carson Smith 19:51
Nick Yusen 20:04
John O'Neil 20:42
Ryan Luetkemeyer 20:43
Eddie Mitchell 20:59
Alex Vance 20:59
Ryan Sullivan 21:11
Ethan Stutte 21:15
Evan Welch 21:26
Simon Glarner 21:29
Hugh Wade 23:13
Ben Miller 23:15
Ben Wieselman 23:32
Sean Sullivan 23:32
James Hickey 23:32
Daniel Bloomer 23:32
Milo Broshears 23:32
John Perry 23:32

It may have seemed impossible at the time, but it began to rain even harder and was even colder as the open/alternate race began.  The boys knew it was going to be a low-key race and really just an opportunity to have a great memory and a crazy, wet race.  The top guys did their best to fight through even worse conditions, with Emerson, Carson, and Nick Y all having good races in the front of the group - without a gator or many people cheering (Emerson finished 2nd overall in the race).  The highlight of the entire race had to be our seniors all running together and enjoying one last opportunity to race for WGXC - and finishing hand in hand together.  Thank you for all you've given us over the years and know that your legacy is certainly solidified in the minds and hearts of the young guys on the team.


Team News

8 months ago @ 6:31PM

10/18/19 - TRXC Border War

The final JV race of the year is always a bittersweet one, because it is always a major "PR Central Baby" course but also the last race of the season (or career) for guys.  This year was a special as ever, as we had a ton of guys peak at the perfect time, from some freshman popping off to some seniors finally achieving a career-long goal.  Read below for the celebrations:

Cadin Smith 18:27
Brennan Ulrich 19:15
Daniel Bloomer 20:17
Logan Storck 19:14
Milo Broshears 19:59
Henry Knapp 20:42
James Trueman 19:55
Ryan Collins 19:32
John Perry 19:59
Bryce Barron 19:55
Daniel Hahn 20:51
Max O'Brien 21:19
Dylan Williamson 20:29
Nick Petersen 20:58
Chris Rhodes 21:26
Rohan Bergfeld 21:13
Sam Bruner 22:33
Jack Clark 22:44
Marcus Budde 22:44
Tyler Steinbrueck 21:15
Jackson Tarr 24:14
Nick Moore 24:31
Matthew Sammon 23:11
Connor Malon 23:06
Jack Callahan 24:29
Jonah Doty 22:45
Matt Putnam 25:52
Nate Hutson 28:35
Thomas Kessler 28:09

The weather and conditions were absolutely perfect as we pulled up to McNair Park for the second week in a row.  We dedicated this race to our four racing seniors - Milo, John, Daniel, and Nick (who was back to gut out one final race on his bum ankle!).  The young guys had a lot of confidence coming in from a strong race last week, and they had a perfect peak week with one strong workout. I knew they were going to have a strong day from top to bottom.  We lined everyone up as the sun began to fall, and the WGXC pack tore off the line ready to go over PRs.  They medal top 50, but we weren't worried about those...only worried about running and racing together one last time.  The guys pushed each other continually, especially the lead pack who came through the mile in 5:45 (included John Perry - who was determined to finally break 20 in his final official race of his XC career!).  The freshmen all raced extremely fierce today, showing how much they've learned about racing and always attacking during the race.  They were led by an amazing race (and amazing last 800) by Cadin, who finished in 53rd (3 outside medals) with a brand new PR of 18:27!! Our 2nd and 3rd team finishers were also freshman - Logan and Brennan in 19:14 and 19:15.  The future looks bright!  The next pack, led by a surging Ryan C, brought two seniors - Milo and John - to their goal of finally breaking 20 minutes (they both ran 19:59!! :)  Overall, it was a phenomenal team effort, with 17 out of 29 guys getting new PRs!!  The new LIFETIME PRs belong to Cadin, Logan, Brennan, Ryan C, John P, Milo, Bryce, Dan H, Dylan, Nick P, Chris, Rohan, Sam B, Tyler, Matthew S, Connor, Jonah, and TK. 

A fantastic season for all - a fantastic career for a few!!  Thanks so much for letting me coach and mentor you along this journey!

Team News

9 months ago @ 4:14PM

10/12/19 - Conference Championships

Cross country is the rare sport where all the suburban schools compete at the same time - no opportunity for slacking and the races would all be large in size and competitiveness. They changed the medaling and trophies significantly, with the overall trophies going to individual 'pools', while the medals went to the overall places.  Despite the confusing format in measuring success, we had a TON of success and a TON of celebrations!! The guys competed on an unusually cold day (33 degrees when we arrived!) and definitely 'heated up' the course! :)


Charlie Teeter 16:10 2nd
Brett Krueger 16:41 15th
Evan Schneider 16:49 18th
Jack Parker 17:10 38th
Corvin Haake 17:19 51st
Patrick Lee 17:40 72nd
Carson Smith 17:47 77th
Andrew Bacon 18:32 109th

Varsity lined up first in what shaped up to be a super-competitive race - we knew we'd have to get out hard in order to be competitive.  We were without Ray and Andrew was dealing with an injury (which he gutted out by telling me "NO!" when I told him to step off the course - I appreciate that kind of mental toughness! ;)  Jack Parker stepped up big as our #4 runner today when he and Patrick responded nicely to me telling them they were needed as the 'next men up'!  Charlie led out with Evan and Brett and all three raced hard - Charlie fought off the front pack to finish in 2nd (only 2 seconds back), Brett was a fierce competitor hanging on the second pack, and Evan S really reengaged in the back half of the race, finished strong, and DIDN'T Look Back! :)  Corvin continues to be a consistent anchor to our varsity as only a sophomore - can't say enough about his impact this season!  Fantastic job working as a TEAM and finishing 3rd place overall amongst 32 other schools (we were 2nd in the Red Pool).  We had 3 medalists - Charlie 2nd, Brett 15th, and Evan S 18th.


Alex Vance 18:09 18th
Nick Yusen 18:15 21st
Emerson Lack 18:15 22nd
Eddie Mitchell 18:20 24th
Ryan Sullivan 18:24 28th
John O'Neil 18:31 35th
Matthew Curtis 19:22 65th
Stiles Westerbeck 20:05 75th

JV Gold included the next 8 guys (I did move Carson up - many teams run full 9 guys in this level).  This division was one that I really wanted to win as a 'Red Pool' team to gain some confidence in our depth moving forward - many of these young guys are competing to be alternates on the district squad.  Alex V, Emerson, and Nick Y charged off the line and brought the guys with him in what shaped up to be another super-competitive race again Kirkwood.  Emerson fearlessly took the lead and pushed the pace, truly running great and helping motivate his teammates - he continues to get stronger mentally every race!  The top 5 guys all finished under 18:30 and demonstrated our strong depth and competitiveness.  Eddie, Ryan S and John O fought hard as well amongst the middle and all had great back half races, especially with Matthew still trying to come back from injury (he gutted out a strong race, but we are moving toward realization that he may need to fully rehab and more or less shut down racing this year).  We ended up finishing 3rd overall as 1st in our 'Red Pool' Conference!! We had 5 medalists - Alex 18th, Nick Y 21st, Emerson 22nd, Eddie 24th, and Ryan S 28th!  Alex secured a new LIFETIME PR in 18:09!


Ethan Stutte 18:50 13th
Ryan Luetkemeyer 19:11 28th
Ben Wieselman 19:12 29th
Simon Glarner 19:34 41st
Evan Welch 19:46 52nd
Sean Sullivan 19:49 53rd
Sam Ely 19:50 55th
Hugh Wade 19:56 61st
Ryan Collins 19:56 60th
James Hickey 20:07 71st
Ben Miller 20:24 87th
Milo Broshears 20:25 88th
Daniel Bloomer 20:28 90th
John Perry 20:34 95th
Henry Knapp 20:57 110th
Dylan Williamson 21:19 125th
Nick Petersen 21:38 138th
Chris Rhodes 21:39 141st
Jack Clark 22:27 174th
Connor Malon 23:20 192nd
Jonah Doty 24:01 203rd
Jackson Tarr 24:33 212th
Matt Putnam 24:33 213rd
Nate Hutson 30:11 231st

JV Silver lined up as the sun started to warm up the course to the perfect race temperatures in the 50s - these guys took full advantage, led by Ethan "Bethan" Stutte - who showed us what strong, confident running from the very beginning can look like (which included a medal and a new sub-19 PR!).  Ben W was looking for a medal (he said it was 'contigent' part of if he ran track haha) and tucked in nicely behind alongside Ryan "Ryduke" Luetkemeyer.  These three guys led our team with no fear.  The rest of the team followed suit, with Simon feeling strong again in the middle of the pack and helping bring Evan W up to round out the top 5 and secure a 'Red Pool' Championship! (we were 4th overall). The rest of JV Silver was peaking this week and absolutely crushed the course, with many guys securing new lifetime PRs.  It is especially exciting to see our younger guys getting after it and putting it all together when it matters at the end of the season - Ryan "Bollins" Collins joined the sub-20 crew, Matt Putnam showed us again why he loved McNair Park, and Chris once again PRed by over 45 seconds!  HUGE day!! Our medalists were Ethan 13th, Ryan L 28th, and Ben W 29th! We had 8, yes 8, brand new LIFETIME PRs - Ethan, Ryan C, Dylan, Nick P, Chris, Jack Cl, Connor, and Matt P!


Cadin Smith 18:58 11th
Brennan Ulrich 19:22 25th
James Trueman 19:53 37th
Logan Storck 20:11 42nd
Daniel Hahn 21:05 70th
Max O'Brien 21:09 72nd
Rohan Bergfeld 21:40 83rd
Sam Bruner 22:24 92nd
Marcus Budde 22:29 94th
Matthew Sammon 23:18 110th
Jack Callahan 23:25 113th

The freshmen were more than ready to get on the course they'd heard so much about and already seen so much success!  I was super excited for these young guys to put all their first year of heard work to the test - they charged out there with a beautiful tenacity, led by Logan and Cadin (who led the entire race for the first mile!).  They learned a great freshman lesson about being more of a striker and waiting to make moves, but I cannot say enough how excited I am about these young guys show no fear when they race!  Cadin was able fight the pack and join the sub-19 club!  Rounding out the top 5, Brennan got after his goal of breaking 20 minutes and went ahead and did that by nearly 40 seconds (he truly is becoming a fierce competitor).  James T is the other member of the freshmen that joined the sub-20 club, racing a fantatic back half-attack kind of race.  Logan held on and showed up all just how tough he is (how great is it that a 'subpar' race for one of our top freshman is 20:12!?  I am crazy excited about our future!).  The rest of the freshman all peak as well, and ran in pairs (which is so great!) and nearly all of them got new PRs. The freshmen took 6th overall (3rd in the 'Red Pool') with 2 medalists - Cadin 11th and Brennan 25th! The 9, yes 9, brand new LIFETIME PRs are Cadin, Brennan, James T, Dan H, Max O, Rohan, Marcus, Matthew S, and Jack Cal!!


Team News

9 months ago @ 5:19PM

10/5/19 - Parkway West Invitational

The weather finally broke (no more HOT-Tober :) and we were excited to get a chance to rebound and race the way we got away from last week - with heart, pack running, and a lack of fear.  We were split into 4 divisions today, so the team was spread out more than normal, but it provided us a great opportunity to see where our depth was - and we did not falter - we were able to place high in all 4 levels and secure 14 medals overall!  See below for the race celebrations:


Charlie Teeter 16:35 6th
Brett Krueger 16:53 10th
Evan Schneider 17:08 17th
Andrew Bacon 17:30 39th
Ray Wetzel-M. 17:43 44th
Corvin Haake 17:45 45th
Patrick Lee 18:03 55th

Varsity lined up first in the early, cloudy and cool morning and knew this was a great opportunity to race Parkway West (who had beaten us before) and see SLUH for the first time (a strong team in our district).  We went with the usual top 6 guys, but moved Patrick up after a strong race at Gans Creek.  The guys were very relaxed and knew their main and only real goal was to 'get out hard' and then race.  The guys showed no fear off the line as Evan S charged ahead, bringing the rest of the team with him.  With a tight course with a lot of turns and narrow stretches we knew we needed this -the race unfolded with the usual packs until Andrew got tripped and ended up in a pile up at about 1200 in - but he worked extremely hard to get back in (and did - thanks large in part to Corvin running a strong middle of the race and Ray running a great later part of the race).  The guys all charged up the final, long hill and gutted out a 3rd place finish in a loaded field, beating out Parkway West by 3 points (the team we will need to beat next week at Conference).  We had all 7 guys in the top 1/3 of the race and secured 3 medals - Charlie 6th, Brett 10th, and Evan S 17th.


Carson Smith 17:58 2nd
Emerson Lack 18:10 5th
Matthew Curtis 18:24 10th
Ryan Sullivan 18:30 13th
Alex Vance 18:31 14th
John O'Neil 18:48 19th
Ethan Stutte 19:47 42nd
Hugh Wade 20:10 52nd
Ben Miller 20:21 60th
Ryan Collins 20:43 79th
Henry Knapp 21:02 88th
Dylan Williamson 22:02 122nd
Jackson Tarr 22:42 141st
Jack Clark 22:52 144th
Tomas Tealdi 23:03 146th
Jonah Doty 23:29 159th
Thomas Kessler 28:48 185th

Sophomore division was one that we were specifically targeting a division win, even though two sophomores ran up on varsity.  We were also excited to have Matthew C back from injury and see where he would run as well.  Again, the sole goal for these guys was to 'get out' and then race together.  Alex and Ryan S drove off the line and really brought the entire team with them.  Emerson took the early lead and set the bar against SLUH (who we were needing to beat).  Carson pushed hard in the middle, bringing a resurgent Matthew C with him, as well as John O driving in a great back have race effort.  The middle pack, led by a strong duo of Ethan and Ryan C helped pull the rest of the sophomores to strong finishes and motivation heading into Conference next week.  A great TEAM effort led by great PACK running!  Unfortunately, we lost to SLUH by 1 point to take second as a team, but we were extremely happy with our racing and secured 6 medalists - Carson 2nd, Emerson 5th, Matthew C 10th, Ryan S 13th, Alex V 14th, and John O 19th!  We also had LIFETIME PRs for Ryan C, Jack Cla, Jackson T, Tomas T, and Jonah D!


Logan Storck 19:38 24th
Cadin Smith 19:56 33rd
Brennan Ulrich 20:11 36th
James Trueman 20:33 41st
Daniel Hahn 21:34 77th
Rohan Bergfeld 22:01 85th
Max O'Brien 22:01 86th
Sam Bruner 22:09 91st
Marcus Budde 23:08 119th
Jacoby Edgar 23:35 159th
Matthew Sammon 23:55 131st
Jack Callahan 24:58 151st

It definitely started to warm up as the freshmen prepared to race, but they were excited to race together one final time before Conference and get a chance at building confidence going into the final stretch.  Logan was fire off the line and drove the freshmen squad up the first hill and the guys certainly raced hard, ran together, and gained some serious mental strength.  The guys all listened as I gave them mid-race feedback (and our older guys chanted from them on the dusty backstretches of the course) and they all moved up and stayed in attack mode for the entire race.  The final hill was a great opportunity to see the amount of guts these young boys possess - and we ended up in 5th place with 1 medalist - Logan 24th, and 10, yes 10, NEW PRs - Brennan, James T, Rohan, Max O, Dan H, Sam B, Marcus, Matthew S, Jack Cal, and Jacoby!



Jack Parker 17:25 1st
Nick Yusen 18:32 15th
Eddie Mitchell 18:40 17th
Stiles Westerbeck 18:45 21st
Ryan Luetkemeyer 19:34 49th
Evan Welch 19:47 55th
Sean Sullivan 20:04 65th
Ben Wieselman 20:12 73rd
Sam Ely 20:18 77th
James Hickey 20:40 94th
Bryce Barron 21:10 110th
John Perry 21:17 112th
Milo Broshears 21:45 125th
Chris Rhodes 22:15 142nd
Simon Glarner 22:47 159th
Connor Malon 24:04 185th
Matt Putnam 27:38 206th
Nate Hutson 29:50 212th

The JV guys were the last group to race - and after waiting several hours and seeing several races, it can sometimes be a bit mentally exhausting.  However, these guys rose to the challenge and got mentally engaged right from the start of the race.  Jack P, ready to get himself back on varsity, took to the front of the race from the very beginning and never looked back.  He was passed for a brief part toward the finish, but he put that 800m speed to work and charged up the final hill to take the individual champion spot! Great job Jack P!  The rest of the JV squad followed suit with racing hard in packs, highlighted by several guys really stepping up and showing how to attack and race the entire 3.1 miles.  Every single guy ran faster than last year at Parkway West - that is no small accomplishment! We had 4 medalists - Jack P 1st, Nick Y 15th, Eddie 17th, and Stiles 21st!  We also had 2 LIFETIME PRs - Connor and Chris (who got one by running nearly 2 minutes faster!!!).

Team News

9 months ago @ 12:26PM

9/28/19 - Gans Creek Classic

This was an absolute amazing opportunity for us.  This was the first running on the brand new state championship course and it did not disappoint!  The course was beautiful and extremely well designed and the atmosphere was fantastic.  There were nearly 30 teams in every race (twice as many as will be when the real state race happens!).  As an old coach once told me (that I truly believe) - "Every race is an opportunity to learn something about what you need to work on."  This was certainly the case - we had some strong performances, some learning experiences, and I as a coach was reminded of a lesson as well.


Brett Krueger 17:05 48th
Charlie Teeter 17:08 55th
Andrew Bacon 17:29 87th
Corvin Haake 17:32 88th
Evan Schneider 17:40 102nd
Emerson Lack 18:27 175th
Ray Wetzel-M. 18:37 191st
Jack Parker 18:44 199th

We really wanted to test ourselves against many of the other good teams in the state - we truly wanted this to be a state preview for us.  We set the goal of having specific places we wanted to shoot for so we could end up being one of the top teams.  The race had a wide open, 500m straightaway and Charlie, Brett, and Evan surged to the front beautifully.  Andrew and Corvin were right around the 80s (a bit back from where I wanted them, but okay).  I was excited that we were in good position right out of the gate.  As we rounded the curve at the 1000m mark I could tell some guys were falling off.  We had a phenomenal workout Monday (wouldn't be in our muscles just yet, but psychologically) and I had hoped that would make them feel strong to surge back toward the 2000m mark.  Brett, Andrew, and Corvin fought hard amongst a loaded, upper classmen field and ended up close to where we set - but more work to be done to fight in the middle of the race. A big ups to Jack for collapsing over and throwing up, but getting back up and finishing the race - pure toughness! The rest of the guys were mentally thrown off and were unable to bounce back.  I met the team after the race and told them we have to stop making excuses.  It's time to put up and be I know we can be - a top 5 team.  We finished 11th as a team with no one in the medals.


Patrick Lee 18:04 17th
Nick Yusen 18:58 48th
Carson Smith 19:25 70th

The JV guys got a much different speech (see below* for more) and I reminded them to focus on each other, the joy of racing, and getting to be part of the first WGXC runners to run on the brand new state course.  I told them to get into position and then just fight - fight for yourself and your teammates (I told them to remember WHY we run).  These three young men took that to heart and had fantastic races.  All three got out into good position - Patrick and Nick continually moved up and Carson fought hard in his first race back in 2 weeks.  Patrick ended up medaling in 17th place and told me after the race how much he engaged his mind during the race.  A great lesson in racing and something he can share with his teammates for success.  Nick got under 19 minutes but gutting out the last stretch.  I am so proud of these guys racing hard and learning a lot about themselves.


*It wasn't until our drive home and some debriefing with the guys that I too was reminded of an important lesson.  We have to love what we do as much as we want to be great - we can't so focused on what we want to achieve that we lose sight of the fact that we GET to run, we GET to race, and we GET to be teammates.  We had a fantastic time being ourselves again during the awards (hence the 'knucks' picture), eating and laughing at Panda express, and goofing and telling stories on the drive back home.  I think it's important to remember that we all can learn from our experiences and remember - tomorrow is a day to GET BETTER! :)


Team News

9 months ago @ 7:15AM

9/27/19 - Hazelwood West Invitational

This week our mileage was back up after the 'bounce' week and we had some monster workouts early in the week (many did 1600 repeats).  The young guys were without the Varsity runners this week at the race, but they showed no fear as they had a fantastic afternoon at Koch Park.T he heat did return this weekend, however the boys raced hard and fought off a strong Kirkwood JV team to take down the Championship at Hazelwood West!  


Alex Vance 19:00 2nd
John O'Neil 19:08 3rd
Stiles Westerbeck 19:31 6th
Ryan Sullivan 19:43 9th
Eddie Mitchell 19:46 11th
Sean Sullivan 20:16 21st
Logan Storck 20:20 23rd
Sam Ely 20:50 32nd
James Hickey 20:52 34th
Ethan Stutte 20:52 35th
Bryce Barron 20:56 38th
Simon Glarner 20:59 40th
Cadin Smith 21:02 41st
Ben Wieselman 21:06 43rd
Hugh Wade 21:08 44th
Brennan Ulrich 21:12 45th
Milo Broshears 21:25 50th
James Trueman 21:34 54th
Ryan Luetkemeyer 21:35 56th
John Perry 22:10 76th
Dylan Williamson 22:21 82nd
Henry Knapp 22:22 84th
Ryan Collins 22:29 89th
Tyler Steinbrueck 22:32 90th
Rohan Bergfeld 22:57 96th
Nick Petersen 23:08 99th
Max O'Brien 23:13 103rd
Daniel Hahn 23:14 105th
Daniel Bloomer 23:54 121st
Tomas Tealdi 24:13 129th
Chris Rhodes 24:17 133rd
Jack Clark 24:18 136th
Jonah Doty 24:23 140th
Matthew Sammon 24:32 141st
Marcus Budde 25:17 163rd
Zach Andrews 25:38 171st
Jackson Tarr 26:32 192nd
Matt Putnam 26:49 197th
Sam Bruner 27:06 199th
Connor Malon 27:16 201st
Jacoby Edgar 27:43 207th
Jack Callahan 29:21 224th
Nate Hutson 32:11 239th
Thomas Kessler 33:58 242nd

As the only race of the day for Webster, these boys were certainly nervous and excited to race hard and represent WGXC well in a fairly large meet.  After arriving late due to the bus, we quickly assigned bib numbers and shoe tags and began to warm up.  These guys did not let the stress of the late bus or the return of upper 80s temperatures deter them from our goal of winning the meet.  With over 250 runners in the race it was going to be essential that we get out right off the line.  Alex Vance led the team with no fear, striding out perfectly and recognizing where he needed to be.  The rest of the team settled in nicely on the first hill behind and drove up - I never saw a Webster runner get passed on an uphill!  Guys continued to pack up and found themselves in a dog fight with Kirkwood (who also had over 50 runners in race).  Stiles moved up and pushed Alex and John O to 2nd and 3rd place while only falling back slightly to 6th himself.  Ryan S continues to learn how to race in his first season and pulled Eddie down the final serpentine to round out our point scores in 9th and 11th.  I saw pure guts from top to bottom - it was hot and at no point did I really see anyone allow themselves to 'survive', but all of our athletes kept attacking and fighting for position all the way to the end (and a special mention to Logan and Ethan who both competed while feeling really sick - and Logan medaled!).  As a result, we represented WGXC well and were the Hazelwood West Invitational JV CHAMPIONS with 7 medalists!!   The seven medalists were Alex (2nd)John O (3rd), Stiles (7th), Ryan (9th), Eddie (11th), Sean (21st), and Logan (23rd)!  We also had 2 new LIFETIME PRs - James T (21:34) and Tomas (24:13)!  Way to go WGXC boys!




Team News

9 months ago @ 5:43PM

9/21/19 - Festus Bowles Invitational

It was a wet, slick, and muddy morning at Festus but the weather was fairly humid.  We trained four Varsity thru this week, along with two other guys out (one out of town and one injured), so we had some 'new look' point scorers on both the Varsity and JV squads today.  This was our 'bounce' week with the mileage being down to refresh mentally and physically, however huge spikes in heat definitely took their toll this week.  Guys ran really well in their new roles and I couldn't be more happy with many of the lessons we learned today.


Andrew Bacon 17:59 13th
Corvin Haake 18:18 19th
Ray Wetzel-M. 18:23 21st
Emerson Lack 18:52 32nd
Nick Yusen 18:54 33rd
Patrick Lee 18:54 34th
Eddie Mitchell 19:42 53rd

Varsity toed the line first as the rain began to fall - we were right next to Herculaneum (the team I knew we'd be fighting for 2nd place behind Festus who ran their full Varsity squad).  The new guys were definitely nervous, but Ray led the charge out of the gate and Andrew and Corvin fought hard but got boxed fairly quickly.  We used the first big hill to get back toward our expected positions, but we had to work pretty hard in the first mile to get there.  Andrew, Corvin and Nick all ran strong second half races to anchor our top five, but Herculaneum had their 1 and 2 in front of our 1 which proved too much to beat.  Emerson was finally healthy and is ready to start piecing races together and Eddie ran a gutsy first Varsity race.  I am very proud of these guys leading our team today!  We placed 3rd as a team and had 3 medalists - Andrew, Corvin, and Ray!


Ryan Sulllivan 18:41 4th
Alex Vance 19:05 6th
John O'Neil 19:09 7th
Stiles Westerbeck 19:39 15th
Logan Storck 19:56 22nd
Ethan Stutte 20:09 24th
Ryan Luetkemeyer 20:22 30th
Sean Sullivan 20:40 36th
Cadin Smith 20:41 37th
Ben Wieselman 20:46 39th
Bryce Barron 20:47 40th
James Hickey 20:49 42nd
Ben Miller 20:57 46th
Hugh Wade 20:57 47th
Daniel Bloomer 21:02 50th
Sam Ely 21:29 64th
Ryan Collins 21:30 65th
Henry Knapp 21:33 67th
Evan Welch 21:36 68th
Brennan Ulrich 21:44 71st
James Trueman 21:47 72nd
Milo Broshears 22:08 84th
Simon Glarner 22:30 93rd
John Perry 22:30 91st
Jackson Tarr 23:07 96th
Rohan Bergfeld 23:17 100th
Daniel Hahn 23:22 103rd
Sam Bruner 23:36 107th
Chris Rhodes 24:19 114th
Marcus Budde 24:28 116th
Connor Malon 24:29 117th
Jonah Doty 24:30 118th
Jack Clark 24:35 119th
Nick Moore 24:37 120th
Matthew Sammon 25:23 131st
Jack Callahan 26:26 140th
Jacoby Edgar 27:02 142nd
Matt Putnam 27:15 145th
Nate Hutson 30:33 163rd

The JV squad included the freshmen today and we knew getting the one plaque was going to be tough against a strong Festus squad.  Many guys took off strong and we developed some strong packs right out of the gate.  As the race thinned out up the hill, it was Stiles leading our guys thru the first mile.  He did a fantastic job of helping Ryan, Alex, and John get into good position (and Stiles peeled of to throw up, and still came back to place 15th!  Way to fight through!).  Logan had a strong second half race and pushed up just outside of the top 20 to round out our top 5 point scorers.  The rest of the guys ran hard, but the humidity, mud, and hills seemed to psych us somewhat.  We did develop some good packs at times, but we allowed ourselves to get strung out a few times which can be tough in some of the quiet backstretches of this particular course.  Lesson learned about pack running and helping out your teammates!  We did have a Lifetime PR for Jackson Tarr!   We placed 2nd as a team and had 4 medalists - Ryan S, Alex, John O, and Stiles!


Team News

9 months ago @ 6:10PM

9/14/19 - Stan Nelson Northwest Invitational

This is our first year coming to the Stan Nelson Invitational and it was definitely worth it.  We had an opportunity to race several good teams that have often been in our district (however, with redistricting they moved out so it will be a more state focus on these teams now).  We certainly had a target on our back coming off our huge success last weekend and mo.milesplit attention.  The others teams were now hunting us...and we felt it.  We had some fatigue from a hard week of workouts and "coming down" off the high of such a successful Twilight meet played a part as well.  We learned a lot about ourselves, how to race when teams know you're coming, and running with some definite fatigue in our legs.  I am proud of how we raced and what we learned - read below for the times and celebrations:  


Charlie Teeter 16:25  3rd
Evan Schneider 17:03 15th
Brett Krueger 17:12 20th
Corvin Haake 17:18 26th
Andrew Bacon 17:22 28th
Jack Parker 17:29 33rd
Ray Wetzel-M. 18:00 50th

Varsity toed the line first in the early morning hour (9am) and knew the expectations of running against two strong teams - Marquette and Parkway West.  We were in the middle of the starting boxes and did not get off the line well as a team.  Charlie led the way in an early pack, but most of the other guys had to work hard to get back into position during the race, which burns a lot of energy before the later stages of the race. Charlie was a bit surprised by a Lee Summit athlete who made a big surge early and was way ahead, and that led to him learning a lot about being a front runner - a great lesson he will take to the state preview meet in a couple of weeks. The big move of the race was Corvin, who pushed his way up into each continuing pack, charging ahead and eventually becoming our #4 runner in only his second varsity race ever. Andrew, our other sophomore, ran a strong race and raced well amongst a large pack, helping pull senior Jack to another nice race.  When some guys were heavy and a bit down, it is nice to see other guys stepping up and having great races.  We will continue to learn and add pieces to our varsity as we go!  We placed 3rd as a team and had 5 medalists - Charlie 3rd, Evan S 15th, Brett 20th, Corvin 26th, and Andrew 28th



Carson Smith 17:55 6th
Emerson Lack 18:02 11th
Patrick Lee 18:05 12th
Matthew Curtis 18:11 14th
Nick Yusen 18:31 20th
Alex Vance 18:50 26th
Ryan Sullivan 19:14 34th
John O'Neil 19:20 39th
Eddie Mitchell 19:24 47th
Ethan Stutte 19:52 64th
Sean Sullivan 20:06 73rd
Stiles Westerbeck 20:23 89th
Ryan Luetkemeyer 20:24 91st
Bryce Barron 20:26 93rd
Evan Welch 20:36 102nd
James Hickey 20:40 107th
Ben Miller 20:44 112nd
Hugh Wade 20:52 121st
Henry Knapp 21:10 131st
Ryan Collins 21:24 143st
Daniel Bloomer 21:37 153rd
Dylan Williamson 21:40 157th
Nick Petersen 22:32 183rd
Nick Moore 22:46 187th
Jack Clark 22:53 195th
Jackson Tarr 23:58 232nd
Chris Rhodes 24:04 234th
Connor Malon 24:15 240th
Jonah Doty 24:46 246th
Matt Putnam 24:46 247th
Nate Hutson 27:57 275th
Ben Wieselman DNR -
Simon Glarner DNR -
Sam Ely DNR -
Milo Broshears DNR -
John Perry DNR -
Tomas Tealdi DNR -
Thomas Kessler DNR -
Tyler Steinbrueck DNR -

JV was up second and saw how the meet had some serious competition and some tight hairpin turns - they looked ready in the huddle to take on those challenges and get out hard.  As the gun went off, Emerson and Carson led the way out of the pack and got off to a strong start.  I was super proud of the packs that continued to form with WG runners - I didn't see one guy running alone in the early stages of the race.  As the race developed, I saw a ton of guys attacking throughout the race (I was especially proud of Chris who demonstrated that strength of not just 'surviving' in a race!).  Many of our newer runners raced well in their second 5K of the season and we had a fantastic races in a crowded and warm race - I am super proud of the strength and determination many of our guys showed during some of those long straightaways that can be mentally draining.  A big ups to Nate who raced hard after coming back from being hurt and ran a 6 minute, yes 6 minute, improvement over the WG Invitational and set a new lifetime PR (and now he knows what that it :) We have a lot to learn from this race, and a lot of successes - we placed 3rd as a team and had 10 new Lifetime PRs today!  They were Jackson, Connor, Nick M, Dylan, Jack Cl, Ryan C, Bryce, Chris, Matt P, and Nate!  Congrats boys!!


Logan Storck 19:36  15th
Cadin Smith 19:56 21st
Brennan Ulrich 20:14 25th
James Trueman 21:42 48th
Rohan Bergfeld 22:12 57th
Max O'Brien 22:58 66th
Daniel Hahn 23:05 69th
Sam Bruner 23:32 76th
Marcus Budde 23:36 78th
Matthew Sammon 24:07 85th
Zach Andrews 24:49 92nd
Jack Callahan 25:02 95th
Jacoby Edgar 27:17 109th

The freshmen finished off the invitational for us in their first ever 5K - they were definitely nervous about running a new distance (their first race away from Blackburn too!).  However, when the gun went off they didn't show any fear, as Logan led the charge and another big pack formed behind Cadin.  Every single Webster boy was racing hard and running in strong pack formation in the first mile.  I was so proud to see these young men getting after it - it had definitely gotten hotter and the course was getting rougher - but they didn't let it phase them.  To have 4 guys under 22 was awesome (Rohan was right there too in 22:12) and shows our young statesmen are already pretty tough!  By comparison, Corvin (our sophomore varsity runner) ran 22:08 in his first 5K - stay hungry boys we are going to be a good team for a long time if you keep working!  They all have a baseline (and they all got a 5K PR - sorry Jack Ca., had to make the joke one last time :) - now we work to improve our minds and bodies!  We placed 3rd as a team - Great racing freshmen!!

Team News

10 months ago @ 6:56AM

9/7/19 - Fort Zumwalt North Twilight

History was indeed made tonight!!! The first night 5K in Missouri history was definitely one for the record books for us!  Charlie Teeter was the CHAMPION of the Varsity race in a NEW SCHOOL RECORD 15:39.27!  We had phenomenal performances from top to bottom as 26 out of 30 athletes got brand new lifetime PRs!! It was amazing weather, fantastic competition, a blazing flat course, and running at night added a unique element that made all our guys feel like they could fly - and they did!  Oh, and keep in mind, we just raced 48 hours ago on our home course as well! :) Read below for all the celebrations:


Charlie Teeter 15:39
Brett Krueger 16:13
Evan Schneider 16:27
Ray Wetzel-M. 16:57
Andrew Bacon 16:58
Corvin Haake 17:01
Jack Parker 17:08

Varsity lined up last under the lights and got off to a fast start - our top 3 pack was out strong and looking to lead our team.  We were thrown right into a battle with two proverbial state powerhouses - Lee's Summit West and Lafayette - and didn't back down.  Charlie led the way at the 1600 mark in 4:55, followed closely by Evan S and Brett.  The second pack was the other 4 guys grouped us nicely and looking strong.  We never relented as the race went along - we continued to put away the other teams and put ourselves in a position to win.    We just missed that chance - we were 3rd as a team only by 5 points (and 2 out of 2nd place).  Seeing Charlie make a strong move and show no fear with 600m to go, along with coming around that final curve as the clear champion behind the gator was something special - and he enjoyed every moment of it - the true meaning of work hard, play hard!!  We will work to tighten up our gap between our 1/2/3 pack and our 4/5 runners in the coming weeks - fantastic job boys!  We had 3 medalists - Charlie 1st, Brett 11th, and Evan S 13th - and all 7 athletes got new Liftetime PRs tonight!  Here is a nice write up post-dispatch did for Charlie's win:



Carson Smith 17:19
Matthew Curtis 17:24
Nick Yusen 17:43
Patrick Lee 17:50
Emerson Lack 17:54
Eddie Mitchell 18:05
Ryan Sullivan 18:05
Alex Vance 18:13
John O'Neil 18:16
Ryan Luetkemeyer 18:29
Evan Welch 18:40
Ben Wieselman 18:59
Ethan Stutte 18:59
Sean Sullivan 19:05
Simon Glarner 19:10
James Hickey 19:13
Ben Miller 19:16
Hugh Wade 19:21
Daniel Bloomer 19:23
Sam Ely 19:38
Milo Broshears 19:38
Henry Knapp 19:51
John Perry 20:13

The JV guys were up first as the sun was setting, and they lined up with no fear.  Coming off a victory at our home meet only 48 hours ago was a little intimidating for some of our young guys, but they didn't let that deter them from going after their dreams of a new PR.  They boys lined up and broke the pack up front quickly, led by Carson in 5:20 at the 1600, followed closely with a big pack that included Emerson, Matthew C, Nick Y, and Patrick.  Only 10 seconds behind was another huge pack of Webster runners led by John O and Eddie.  What was even more exciting is our 3rd pack, around 6:05 avg, included everyone else.  We were clearly the "pack of hounds" hunting the competition with our teammates - this is my favorite kind of racing!  We placed 3rd as a team behind the same two powerhouse teams - LSW and Lafayette.  We had 2 medalists - Carson 12th and Matthew C 16th.  Our team has some serious depth and we will continue to push each other to work harder and run faster as the season goes on - and to show it we had 19 new Lifetime PRs tonight!  Congrats boys!!




Team News

10 months ago @ 9:04AM

9/5/19 - Webster Groves Invitational

We had an amazing home meet this year!  The guys ran on a very humid and warm day with the course in rough shape from all the rain recently (lots of poor footing).  The new guys and freshman raced incredibly hard and learned a lot about race preparation and execution - we have a lot to learn, but have a great baseline to work from.  Overall, we had a ton of fantastic races and a lot of new PRs for guys - keep reading for all the celebrations!


Cadin Smith 11:24     5th
Logan Storck 11:41     8th
Brennan Ulrich 11:52    16th
James Trueman 11:58    17th
Daniel Hahn 13:01    25th
Rohan Bergfeld 13:12    27th
Max O'Brien 13:17    31st
Sam Bruner 13:25    34th
Marcus Budde 14:15    42nd
Matthew Sammon 14:48    43rd
Jack Callahan 15:12    45th
Jacoby Edgar 16:12    52nd
Zach Andrews 16:13    53rd

The freshman took 3rd as a team and raced extremely hard with some tough competition.  We had 4 medalists in the race, led by Cadin and Logan finishing in the top 10, then Brennan and James taking 16th and 17th.  The pack up front from the start of the race was great to see, followed by two other packs - it's great to see guys running together and helping push each other.  The guys who ran the Alumni Race back in July all saw HUGE improvements in their times.  See below for the improvements:

    Alumni    WG
Logan Storck 12:43 11:41
Daniel Hahn 16:35 13:01
Rohan Bergfeld 15:52 13:12
Max O'Brien 16:23 13:17
Matthew Sammon 19:52 14:48



Jack Parker 18:48 1st
Corvin Haake 19:08 2nd
Matthew Curtis 19:13 3rd
Alex Vance 19:18 5th
Emerson Lack 19:34 6th
Eddie Mitchell 19:34 7th
Nick Yusen 19:39 8th
Ryan Sullivan 20:03 10th
John O'Neil 20:07 11th
Stiles Westerbeck 20:44 15th
Bryce Barron 21:11 17th
Hugh Wade 21:11 18th
Evan Welch 21:19 20th
Ben Wieselman 21:27 23rd
Sean Sullivan 21:49 27th
Ryan Luetkemeyer 21:50 28th
Sam Ely 21:51 30th
Ben Miller 21:53 31st
James Hickey 21:53 32nd
Ethan Stutte 22:18 38th
Daniel Bloomer 22:18 37th
Henry Knapp 22:20 39th
Simon Glarner 22:26 41st
Ryan Collins 22:28 42nd
Milo Broshears 23:09 50th
Tyler Steinbrueck 23:33 55th
Jack Clark 23:33 54th
Nick Moore 24:42 67th
Nick Petersen 25:16 74th
Jonah Doty 25:43 77th
Tomas Tealdi 26:01 80th
Connor Malon 26:22 84th
Chris Rhodes 27:05 91st
Jackson Tarr 27:46 94th
Matt Putnam 28:07 95th
Nate Hutson 33:26 107th
Thomas Kessler 34:25 108th
John Perry DNF -

This was the final race of the night and did not disappoint!  The Webster guys formed a large pack at the front of the race and never relented.  Guys exchanged the lead and helped push us to a near perfect score.  Jack Parker was the overall champion and led the JV boys to first place with 17 points!  We had 13 overall medalists and defending our course to the very end.  We had a few new lifetime PRs (Corvin, Alex V, and Hugh) in our first race of the season which shows how a strong summer can really set the bar for a great season.  Great job boys!



Charlie Teeter 17:16 1st
Evan Schneider 17:56 3rd
Brett Krueger 18:05 6th
Andrew Bacon 18:31 7th
Ray Wetzel-M. 18:39 13th
Carson Smith 19:06 16th
Patrick Lee 19:13 17th

The Varsity guys had a strong start to the season, finishing 1st as a team with Charlie leading us in 1st overall! All 7 guys medaled! The front pack got a little boxed in at the start (a good lesson learned) and had to burn some energy to get back, and bounced back nicely.  The first 1000 was a little quick as a result and the humidity (and Jackson Hill twice) took it's toll.  The times might not be where the guys wanted them, but they learned a lot about racing and running against yourself.  We will get stronger physically - be sure to focus on mental strength in the next race(s)!  A win is a win and we defended the home course again a couple of good teams - great start to the season!

Team News

11 months ago @ 4:29PM

7/27/19 - ALUMNI 3K RACE

Our Annual Alumni Race 3K was a huge success this year!  We had a record number of alumni show up and race, share stories and wisdom, and overall have a great time.  The pups learned a lot about race warm-ups, preparation, and team cheers - they learned a little about racing and having fun in our sport (and seeing some of the early returns for those who have been out all summer).  

The Seniors/Juniors won with 32 points, followed by the Alumni with 39, with the Sophomores/Freshman in 3rd with 50.  Alumni Sam G won the race (fresh off last weekend's Chicago Half Marathon debut), followed closely by returners Evan S and Brett K.  Results are listed below.

Place Name Time Place Name Time
1 Sam Getz 10:06 40 Rohan 15:52
2 Evan S 10:23 41 Sean 15:56
3 Brett 10:23 42 Max O 16:23
4 Daniel Welch 10:40 43 Dan H 16:35
5 Emerson 10:52 44 Jonah 16:40
6 Jackson Bontty 10:54 45 Connor 16:53
7 Ray 10:54 46 Nate H 19:17
8 Nick Y 11:05 47 Matthew S 19:52
9 Corvin 11:10 48 Tommy 21:33
10 Matthew C 11:17      
11 Jack P 11:21      
12 Carson 11:21      
13 Julien Budde 11:24      
14 Christian Gray 11:26      
15 John O 11:42      
16 Ray McIntyre 11:51      
17 Sterling Smith 11:53      
18 Patrick 11:56      
19 Ethan 12:27      
20 Eddie 12:32      
21 Simon 12:34      
22 Ryan S 12:39      
23 Ben M 12:40      
24 Cullen Saltsman-Buck 12:42      
25 Logan 12:43      
26 David Buckley 13:00      
27 Ben W 13:01      
28 Hugh 13:20      
29 Milo 13:32      
30 Griffin Coyle 13:40      
31 Daniel B 13:53      
32 Khotso 13:55      
33 Ryan C 14:04      
34 Evan W 14:10      
35 Thomas Putnam 14:11      
36 Kyle Koenig 14:22      
37 John P 14:37      
38 James H 15:48      
39 Matt P 15:49
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