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Webster Groves High School Athletics

Webster Groves High School Athletics

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1 year ago @ 1:54PM

Parent and Fan Expectations at Athletic Events

Dear Supporters of Statesmen Athletics,


Our administration and coaching staff appreciate all of the positive support and contributions that many of you make to our programs to help them be successful.  We know that it is not possible to win every game and not everyone will agree with the decisions of our coaches or the calls of the game officials.  However, we believe that it is still possible, and a great benefit of sports participation, for our students to learn how to have positive experiences in their contests regardless of the outcome.  Learning how to deal with adversity and control emotions in stressful situations is something we hope our student-athletes learn as they are becoming young adults.  To help with that objective, it is not acceptable for parents or other fans to physically or verbally confront or challenge a coach or official before, during, or after games.  This type of aggressive and unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.  The person will be asked to leave the event and could face further actions such as not being allowed to attend future events.  If we are trying to teach our students how to channel passions in a positive manner, appropriately engage in collaborative problem-solving, and communicate effectively it is important that we model these behaviors for them.  These skills will serve our student-athletes well beyond their playing careers and equip them in both personal and professional arenas in the future.




WGHS Administrative Team

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